Or more appropriately stated, continues.  Because life does not start and stop at distinct moments in time.  Your journey is continuous with only one start and one end.  It may seem that at times, as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, regroup and compose that you are in fact beginning again but no, these episodes are merely tests; tests of your faith perhaps but more likely of your character.  How do you choose to view life?  Yes, sometimes it isn’t fair and sometimes the decisions you’ve made lead down the wrong path but it is our ability to go on and course correct that makes us so unique.  Triumph, defeat, loss, and joy cumulate; we learn from these experiences and we learn to endure.  I’ve learned that I am a better person if I focus on the positive.  Of course there will be overwhelmingly terrible events that transpire in anyone’s life but if I can learn to bring out the positive the loss or struggle might be that much easier.  Small details which put a smile on my face should be applauded but if some factor causes these small details to be ignored, if someone else has lower expectations than me or overlooks what I think is a big deal, that shouldn’t ruin my experience.  Because life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  Drop it, let it pass and move on.

For these reasons, my blog entries will always aim to focus on the good aspects of life.  Creating meals in the kitchen brings me joy so this will be included as I go along.  Beautiful, inspiring creations that other individuals are a part of will be featured.  I will include relevant instructions from people who are truly experts at their craft, which might trigger all of us to master a technique or skill or become leaders in our own industries.  Maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit is important to me and therefore I will include thoughtful tips or strategies that might be useful to you as well. The world we belong to and all its people are a precious thing and I believe in doing what we can to preserve and mend it whenever possible and practical; activities and programs I stumble upon and believe in will be featured.  Places I go to will be showcased because there is an entire world outside our doors and with so much to see and do, getting a glimpse into where someone else adventures to is always inspiring.  And I’m sure along the way there will be so much more.

Your comments are always welcome here but of course try to keep them positive.  I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by and come back often.

To be continued…