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In the foreground # 20 The Inside Job- Corned beef, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and russian dressing on a multi-grain bun.
Making an appearance in the background # 12 Twister- Roast beef, sauerkraut, russian dressing, and extra old aged cheddar on grilled Tuscany bread

What words can I use to describe this?  Yummy? Scrumptious?  How about satisfying?  Or how about addictive?  Because that’s the way I feel about Harvest Deli on West Broadway in Vancouver.

Sandwiched between restaurants on either side this small location packs a huge punch

If you’re driving by, you might easily miss Rami Zibat’s new addition to Vancouver’s foodie scene; its store front is small, the signage not eye-popping.  However, once you do find it, the large shared tables and easy, relaxed vibe welcomes you in and the three over-sized menu boards entice you with their plain and straight-forward descriptions of the many sandwiches they have on offer.  Produce is locally sourced when possible, sauces and soups are hand-crafted in-house, and ingredients are melded together with great care for the final outcome.  All this leaves your belly full but not surprisingly, you want more.

Chickpea and lentil soup, one of their daily specials

So far I’ve tried a few sandwiches and the home-made soups.  The soups are always vegan, are served with a chunk of bread and have yet to disappoint.  The sandwiches tower over the plate and always require two hands.  Just writing this gets my stomach growling it’s that good.  The pickle on the side is icing on the cake.

# 32 Reuben A la Dinde- Maple smoked turkey, swiss cheese, and coleslaw with russian dressing served on grilled rye

Order your food at the counter and they will happily bring it out to you.  Sandwiches are categorized into several different meats or you can choose vegetarian with many different styles of bread on offer.  I’ve yet to ask for anything customized so I don’t know how receptive they are to substitutions but their friendly attitude and willingness to cater to a food allergy gives me the impression that they would allow alterations if you requested one.  I’ll have to check into this next time I visit.  They are kid friendly with a fairly extensive kid’s menu and most of their sandwiches come in two sizes.

Signature Cream of Tomato

This would be a great spot to enjoy a coffee and if you’re so inclined, dessert, although I haven’t had the pleasure yet.  Looks like I have plenty of reasons to visit soon!

Located at 2963 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC and open for breakfast and lunch.  In a hurry?  Take-out orders can be placed by phone 604-739-3354 and are packaged in biodegradable containers.

Bon appetit!

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