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Have you tried replacing sour cream in your recipes and meals with plain greek yogurt?  Greek yogurt is all the rage right now and there’s a reason: it is creamy and delicious and it blends with many ingredients!

I use it in my home-made salad dressing, as a replacement for sour cream in any Mexican inspired dish, in my muffins and other baking since it can replace eggs and oil, in dishes like mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower or as a mayonnaise on sandwiches and salads, and as a dip flavoured with herbs, spices, and garlic; really the possibilities are endless.  I suggest you experiment and get to love this food as much as I do.

Banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins made with plain greek yogurt

Greek yogurt dressed salad and sandwich

Because greek style yogurt is strained more than traditional yogurt, more of the lactose, liquid whey and sugar is removed helping boost this yogurt’s credentials compared to our standard offerings.  Choose low-fat varieties to avoid high levels of saturated fat and greek yogurt will keep you fuller longer thanks to its high protein count.

Yogurt in general is great for our health since it contains calcium and live bacterial cultures which help our digestive systems do their job but choose wisely and always read the labels.  If it’s packed full of sugar and other additives keep looking, you can do better.

Happy eating!