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I have a soft spot for hedgehogs…hi mom!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Guerrilla Gardening or taken part in it yourself but it’s new to me in all its forms.

Guerrilla gardening is thought to have been coined back in the 1970’s when two people transformed a derelict plot of land into something beautiful and useful through gardening.  However, you may be more familiar with Johnny Appleseed- yes he was an early guerrilla gardener.

thepotholegardener went to India, looks like the locals were smitten

This type of gardening is often seen as pro-active, drawing awareness to land use, land rights, and land ownership.  It asks us to stop and think about space, beauty, and even food as the plants are often food crops.

Love the details in this royal garden- fit for a queen or king!

These photographs are a small sample of Steve Wheen’s pothole gardening which make me smile.  The photos are delightful; they are someone’s labour of love; part art, part experiment they capture life in miniature.  These pothole gardens make use of what is really an ugly space and something we generally try to avoid.  It’s everything positivelybeaming!

Shady spot under a tree, the perfect spot to read a book

Art gallery or family photo wall? Either one, this inspires

All photos courtesy of Steve Wheen at http://thepotholegardener.com/