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Enjoy your treat outside on a blue day such as this one

Welcome to Italian Ice Cream in Niagara Falls, Ontario where you will find, wait for it- Italian Ice Cream!  Wonderful, delicious, creamy, cold, tongue-exploding, flavourful ice cream.

How can you possibly decide on just one?

You pick two! Silly goose!

If you don’t enjoy a cup of ice cream every now and again, you must be from Mars because I’ve never met you.  There’s even a song about eating ice cream that everyone knows the words to: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” I’m sure I did not need to write that down, correct?

At Italian Ice Cream you will be treated like a local even when you’re not, you will be served with a smile and you will get to choose from about twenty-four unique flavours that have been hand-crafted by the man himself.  I’m talking about Andrew, who hails from an ice cream making family and has been involved in this family business since he was a boy.  He is a natural, explaining to us the different techniques one would employ to produce an ice cream with the desired end effect.  Do you want giant chunks of that cake in it?  Or do you want the flavour of the cake within the ice cream itself and so on and so forth.  He uses fresh ingredients at all times to produce small batches.  You can pretty much always count on the staples to be available: chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla but there are surprises in there as well for the more adventurous of us.

Andrew in scooping mode

Don’t be fooled by the name either, Italian Ice Cream also serves up refreshing, fat-free fruit ices and water based gelato for those of us avoiding milk products.  Andrew also serves up other Italian classics such as specialty coffee, more desserts, and paninis, plus they are licensed so you can enjoy a real special coffee (if you know what I mean) if that floats your boat.

mmmmm ice cream on a stick- can I please?

Okay, go for it!

I am always impressed with how well Andrew and his team handle nut allergies, keeping all the nutty products separate and scooping with a clean scoop from an untouched area.  Andrew also does an excellent job while producing the ice creams, ensuring that all his equipment is nut free before moving on to the next batch.

Truly, this is a place where you are well taken care of, genuinely appreciated and treated as family.  Like I said before, local or not, long time customer or first, Italian Ice Cream strives to make you their number one customer and they’re right on the money.

Coffee and chocolate ice creams

Italian Ice Cream is located at 5458 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario not far from the famous Clifton Hill attractions.

Buon Appetito!

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