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I wanted to see this.  I had to see this.  What is this you ask?

Canada’s largest Blue Whale skeleton

Located within the atrium at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on the UBC Campus is the impressive remains of the largest creature to have ever inhabited our world.  Yes, that’s correct, not even dinosaurs can claim this title.  It is shockingly big, it will make you stand there in awe, it will make children run up and down the ramps imagining themselves swimming next to it, it will humble you.  And that’s just the start of the museum.

Inside is a world on hold.  Suspended in jars; encased in rock; preserved by taxidermy; animals and plants of all kinds are on display.  The dark setting and tall rows beyond the atrium hold millions of  carefully labeled specimens.  Wander for hours between rows and rows of fish, moss, bees, and more as you explore over 20,000 square feet of exhibits.  There are activities for the whole family from learning how these specimens are used by researchers, to films, to interactive displays.  I particularly enjoyed the larger specimens: the owls, penguins and elk.  I read about seeds.  I played with displays, opening drawer after drawer devouring new information.  It was fun, it was educational, it was beautiful.

The light streaming in through the windows in the atrium was an assault on our eyes after being in the dark corridors for so long but a welcomed change.  One last glance at the skeleton and we were done, our eyes exhausted, our feet tired.  We looked forward to a warm cup of coffee in the Niche Cafe.

Getting to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum can be a little tricky since it’s located on the campus.  Check out this map for detailed directions.  Admission is reasonable and can be combined with the three other area attractions to reduce costs on all four.