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This mysterious location keeps me from wanting summer all year-long

One of my favourite spots to frequent online is Jessica Colaluca’s online colour journal: Design Seeds.  A modern take on her early colour palettes, the pictures accompany matching “paint chips” which can then be used to create your own graphics or inspire you when designing a room, putting an outfit together or even help with event design which makes this a popular site for brides.

Dark colours brood and create a sombre mood, perfect for so many applications, I would love a bedroom or den in these colours

The exact opposite is light and airy, full of energizing zest

Search for colours through her many themes or click on a colour to view similar colours featured in other palettes.  I find the site addicting, beautiful, mesmerizing and truly a labour of love.  The photography itself is stunning and will at times transport me to new spaces, places and frames of mind.  Not to mention make me hungry!

See what I mean? Tantalizing treats…who would have thought a sundae could be so inspirational?

Jessica also keeps a blog on her site with many more photos which provide an insight into where her creative process begins.  I like getting that glimpse into the artist’s mind.

From dark to light with a touch of femininity

This vibrant palette was created by mother nature herself, you can’t argue good design

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  All palettes used with permission and sourced from Design Seeds.

Last but not least, a mental vacation just when you needed it most