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Have you ever loved a movie so much you sought out the locations where it was filmed?  Many Goonies fans have done just that and now I can add my name to the list.  Parts of this film were shot in and around Astoria, Oregon and near Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The scenic backdrop of the Haystack Rock in the Pacific Ocean was used in the movie to locate the starting point for the path to One-eyed Willy’s hidden treasure.  The actual rock is a treasure in and of itself and when taken in from the beach is a spectacular sight.  I had no idea it would be as large as it was.  At 235 feet at low tide, the rock demands your attention and I was amazed to see birds nesting on it.  It’s home to several different species of bird and is a protected Marine Garden.

Haystack Rock was used as the landmark when lining up the doubloon

The small town of Cannon Beach is cute with many hotels and lodges lining the main street.  Unfortunately, we arrived late in the day and were unable to explore the town any further.

The cool sand felt wonderful on my tired feet

Be careful where you step! These tidal pools at the base of the rock are home to many sensitive creatures.

In Astoria we also paid the Walsh house a visit.  It doesn’t look the same as it did in the movie (and who blames them for updating their house?) but the charm was still there.  I hope that the current owners were aware of the house’s legacy prior to purchasing it since we weren’t the only ones visiting.  The signage on the driveway leading up to it indicated the way but you must walk up and leave your car parked on the street.

Please be respectful of the residents

Proof I was there!

Now home to the Oregon Film Museum, no criminals tried escaping while we were there

Irving Walsh (Mikey’s dad) worked here in the movie

A quick drive past the Clatsop County Jail house and museum and we were off to Fulio’s Pastaria, Tuscan Steak House and Delicatessen for a late dinner.

We squeaked in for the last seating at Fulio’s and were quickly served a delicious meal by a friendly and knowledgeable server.  I am seriously craving that Spedini; it’s like nothing I’ve ever had before and was incredible.  The charming atmosphere drew in many locals, as they filed their way out they all stopped to say good-bye to the staff.  With opera playing in the background and a satisfying meal we could tell why many locals make this restaurant home.

Called a Spedini, this bread is skewered with garlic, fresh melted mozzarella, and capers; it just oozed goodness

Pollo Parmesean

Insalata, house salad with chopped tomatoes, gorgonzola, and mortadella

  • The Walsh house is located at 368 38th St, Astoria, OR and Data Wang lived right next door
  • Clatsop Jail can be found at 732 Duane St, Astoria, OR
  • The museum or Flavel House as it’s called is directly across the street from the jail
  • The LC Bowl is located at HWY 30 and 8th St in downtown Astoria, OR and is the site where Chunk witnesses the car chase.
  • Fulio’s is located at 1149 Commercial St, Astoria, OR