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I have a lot to be thankful for, do you?  My heart overflows with joy when I stop to think about everything that I’m blessed with: family, friends, new babies, a home, pets, our health, my abilities, all the good moments, and even the bad ones.  To honour my family and in lieu of a Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to share some of the great home-made meals we’ve eaten together.

Strawberry blueberry pancakes on the grill, lovingly made on a Sunday morning by my step-dad

Up close and personal

Berry pancakes ready for consumption…they didn’t last long

Grandma’s famous chicken soup

Followed by a plum cake

We washed it all down with a cup of tea

Here my dad stops to pose for a picture as he cuts steaks off a large cut of meat he has aged to perfection

Just off the grill and simmering in juices

Good ol’ meat and potatoes…with a little greens on the side for good measure

I hope you were able to share this holiday with people you love.