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My heart goes out to everyone effected by the recent hurricane.  I cannot imagine losing a loved one or my home.  Unfortunately, this won’t be the last time a calamity strikes and there has to be method to prepare your community for such an event.  Luckily, there is.  Enter recovers.org, software designed to get people in place where they are needed doing the tasks that can be done directly after a major crisis.

Founders Caitria O’Neill and sister Morgan O’Neill have experience dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster.  This experience along with the research they did after taught them that people want to help but often the system to do so is not in place yet and that because of the gap between being able to accept help and the desire of the public to give, many donations and help are not useful, the window closes and the public moves onto the next story.  Unfortunate but true.

Watch their presentation here.

The software available through recovers.org helps communities by offering them a place to start.  Ideally, the website is established prior to an event but can be implemented following one as well.  The tools that come with the software are Volunteer Management: including liability waivers, hour tracking and sign up; Donation Item Databasing; Case Management; and lastly, an Information Hub which would help get crucial information out to the community and provide a space to post messages.

Available for as little as $0.03 per person per year, recovers.org has been featured on Forbes, TED, CNN and many more.  There is certainly a value in being prepared and you can always count your blessings if your community never, ever has to put the software to use.

Interested in helping with the current disaster after Hurricane Sandy?  Here are the links to the communities with a recovers.org site in place.

God Bless