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The rainy weather has set in and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I missed the sunshine.  Most of North America looks forward to the fall.  I know I did; the changing leaves, starting school and new outfits all have a way of slowly working us up for winter.  It felt good to want to cuddle up in a warm sweater, don toque and gloves and start sipping hot chocolates.  But, I must confess, Vancouver does not lend the same feeling.  First off it’s wet and cold and secondly there isn’t much to the promise of snow.  Instead, we can look forward to months of rain or drizzle and a cold that chills to the bone.  Luckily we are surrounded by mountains that do get snow so an escape to winter wonderland is a possibility and most of us are glad for the opportunity.  What’s more, we hardly ever have to shovel!

In the spirit of fall and all things rain, I’ve devised a quick list of activities that can be enjoyed in the rain.  I am not saying you’ll stay dry, umbrellas are strongly advised for outdoor activities as are rain boots and jacket but sometimes even us rain forest dwellers need a little push to get out in the rain.


Work up a sweat:

Arts and Culture:

I hope that gets you started.  The area is so beautiful that the rain can’t keep us from enjoying it.  Many people get out every day to walk their dogs, stroll through amazing forests, bike, run and shop.  And it wouldn’t be Vancouver without a trip to the local coffee shop.

ps. I hear there’s an excellent hot chocolate at Blenz!